AFC International, LLC is dedicated to being the industry’s leading customs brokerage expert. Whether you are looking for information on customs brokerage services or customs regulations,  consider AFC International your number one, respected customs clearance source. Our importing professionals spend a significant amount of time researching and sharing international shipping and customs brokerage news and compliance updates with our clients. We strive to make sure you are familiar with the latest importing policies, required documentation and compliance regulations so your imports clear customs quick and easy. Our knowledgeable agents focus on sharing information about:

By choosing to work with AFC International, you will receive exceptional service from leading educated customs clearance agents. Stay up to date and learn more about the importing process with our experts at AFC International!

what are customs duties

What Are Customs Duties and Why Are They Important?

One of the downfalls of the Fyre Festival, you know that prestigious, expensive music festival in the Bahamas that was canceled before it could begin, was the admission of organizers that they did not pay customs duties on the items they imported. So what are... View Article
customs brokerage services

Your Ultimate Guide to Customs Brokerage Services

Are you an importer whose sole desire is for his or her goods to arrive safely and efficiently? A licensed customs broker can help you achieve those goals. Using these services is the reliable way to ensure your imports arrive without delays. Follow our ultimate... View Article
importing goods from Canada

Importing Goods From Canada: What You Need to Know

Canada may be the United States’ northern neighbor, but that doesn’t mean import from Canada is easier. Importers from the U.S. still must be prepared to navigate the import clearance process with ease. AFC International, LLC guides clients through the process of successfully importing goods... View Article

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