import toys from China

Kids love their toys. In the United States, some of the most popular merchandise kids crave are toys relating to Batman and Superman. For importers utilizing the summer import season to prepare for the looming holiday season, Batman and Superman toys are imported “faster than a speeding bullet.” Hang on to your capes as we provide the superhero map to import toys from China swiftly.

import toys from China
A licensed customs broker will help ensure your import toys are cleared through Customs efficiently.

How Toys Rank on the U.S. Import List

Toys are big business. Toy Association Inc. reports that 2016 saw a 5 percent increase in toy sales over 2015, for a $26 billion market in the U.S. Of that $26 billion, action figures like Superman and Batman accounted for approximately $1.44 billion. In a calendar year, the U.S. average amount spent per child on toys is approximately $371.

Ever wonder how the U.S. ranks on the list of seven countries that spend the most on toys?

Spoiler Alert: The U.S. comes in at No. 2, with only United Kingdom children getting a higher average amount spent on them annually at $438.

Import Toys from China: Big Business

Worldwide, the toy market is a whopping $80 billion industry. Estimates indicate that approximately 85 percent of the U.S. toy and game market is manufactured and imported from China. Most importers import toys from China that consumers demand. The top trading partner of the U.S. is China, which has a $590.4 million total trade value with the U.S.

Find out everything you need to know about shipping imports from China.

Follow Importing Laws from China and Other Countries

China has its own set of rules and regulation that you must adhere to when purchasing goods and importing them to the U.S. Make sure you get the exact import duty, or tax, for your imports. You should also ship items in bulk to save on costs and insure your imports properly from potential damages that occur during shipment.

U.S. Imports Laws and Regulations

import toys from China
Create an importer checklist when you import toys from China.

The basic import document paperwork includes:

  • A commercial invoice that lists the purchase price, country of origin and tariff classification of your items;
  • A packing list detailing your imports;
  • A bill of lading listing goods in the form of a receipt;
  • And an arrival notice from the U.S. agent.

Licensing Requirements for Toy Imports

An importer handling customs business with the CBP on his or her own account is not required to be licensed. Brokers conducting customs business on behalf of importers must possess a valid Customs Broker license. Importers must make sure their merchandise complies with requirements of all agencies.

Importing Trademarked Goods

For importers looking for trademarked toys such as Superman and Batman merchandise, it’s important to create a trademarked checklist for import toys. You should always:

  • Review and double check contracts for import toys with logos or other trademarks which are clearly visible on packaging.
  • Make sure your import supplier has the right to use trademarks and logos. If your supplier purchased your imports with a third-party supplier without obtaining trademark compliance, your imports are in jeopardy.
  • Take pictures of imports, packaging and paperwork.
  • Review your supplier’s paperwork and ask questions if something doesn’t look right.
import toys from China
Hang on to your capes as we provide the superhero map to import toys from China swiftly.

How to Avoid Fake Import Toy Goods

If you are an importer purchasing import toys from overseas over the Internet, it is your responsibility to make sure your goods comply with state, federal and import regulations. In other words, stay vigilant, do your homework and look out for buyer beware checklist items that might be a red flag for fake import toys.

Make sure toy import sellers provide accurate information about items being shipped in the Customs section of shipping documents. Providing inaccurate information about item descriptions and estimated values is illegal. It is important to be vigilant about fake imports because you as the importer could face legal action and fines for seller violations.

Enlist the Help of a Licensed Customs Broker

When you ship and import toys from China, the import customs clearance process can be a tricky process to overcome. A licensed customs broker will help ensure your import toys are cleared through Customs efficiently and are compliant with all Customs laws.