For more than 25 years AFC International Customs Brokerage has been working on behalf of customs imports clients worldwide.  Now more than ever having an experienced and capable customs broker working for you is of utmost importance to your supply chain. AFC International customs brokerage works closely with Customs & Border Protection and alongside the myriad of Federal agencies working on our borders.

Customer Focused

We facilitate your goods into the US

Our relationships with Federal Agencies have no value if we don’t use that knowledge and experience to serve our shippers. Our staff is the most knowledgeable and can be counted on to understand the newest regulations and rules.  AFC International customs brokerage maintains heightened communication with all our customers so we are serving them at the highest level possible.

That customer centered communication allows us to keep you informed to the latest trends and changes that may affect your business.

Our Brokerage Services

AFC International is here to help facilitate your shipment of goods into the US.  You can trust our experience and knowledge to get your freight delivered.  Let us worry about the border and you can focus on business. Our team can assist you in clearing your freight at any US Ocean Port, Airport or border port. We track and coordinate all aspects of the customs clearing process.

As a full service Customs Broker we can provide an entire suite of broker services. We are able to help you with our Automated Broker Interface, Remote Location Filings, Pre-release of Shipments, and Custom Surety Bonds. Additional services include Duty Drawback Services, Electronic Transfers and various government agency reporting requirements.

As you can see from our services, we count on technology to move your shipment across borders with the most efficiency available. That same technology allows us to communicate more effective so you know where your freight is and when it can be expected.

 AFC International Customs Brokerage

With over 25 years of experience and team of dedicated professionals ready now, why trust your freight with anyone else? Contact us today for a quote!